20 May 2017
Ponderosa Park

Six Mile, SC

Taken from the plaque at Issaqueena Falls:

trading fort.  As she traveled, Issaqueena named the landmarks she  crossed on her way--Six Mile Mountain, Twelve Mile River, Eighteen Mile Creek, and others on her way to her final destination at Fort Ninety-Six.

Fearing retribution from the Cherokees, Issaqueena remained with Allan, eventually marrying him.  In time, she, Allan, and their newborn baby moved back to Stumphouse Mountain where they built their home.

One day, the Cherokee chief, angered with the white settlers, sent his warriors to capture Issaqueena.  Issaqueena saw them coming and ran toward the waterfall to escape capture.  Knowing that the Cherokee believed evil spirits lived in waterfalls, she pretended to leap to her death.  She hid on the ledge below the top of the waterfall where she remained until it was safe to rejoin her family.  Her dramatic escape began the legend of Issaqueena Falls."

Issaqueena's flight for the fight

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"There are many legends about Issaqueena.  The most popular story tells how as a girl Issaqueena was captured by the Cherokee and given the name Cateechee.  As a young woman she met and fell in love with a white trader named Allan Francis.

One day she overheard a plan by the Cherokee to attack the settlements on the frontier.  To warn her lover, she found a swift pony and rode 96 miles to his